Bomber Box

Thank you for using Bomber box:

Game play

The aim is to clear your path. You do so by dropping your bomb (tap screen once) to lower the bars. Clear all path and you get to do it again. The question is, how long can you go before crashing into a bar. You can only drop one bomb at the time. Bomb shapes vary depending on theme and won items.

Revive: You have one chance of revival if your score (the number of rounds you passed) is higher than 0 and lower than your best score. In order to be revived you need to watch the ad until the end. You’ll then get to carry on as if nothing happened…

Hard(er) game mode: The default mode is the easy mode. Bomber box moves at a constant pace, you are cruising. In the Hard(er) mode Bomber box increases speed as it goes down, making it a bit trickier… you can change to the harder mode by selecting Hard(er) in the game mode in the setting screen. When done so “Hard” will be visible on the top left corner. Note that there are two separate score tracking for each mode.


This app was built using and many hours of free time.

Free resources used for the game: